Last week I passed the FAA exam to be a commercial drone pilot. I can’t wait to receive my badge. The theory you get tested on is interesting. As this great video study-guide tells you, at least 75% of what you have to learn is not directly relevant to you flying a drone, but the […]

Orange County Blues

We went to Crystal Cove, OC this morning. It was somewhat overcast. As you know, I’m all about colors. When it’s overcast, and colors don’t shine as bright, then I play with black and white. The light and the textures looked great in black and white as I was shooting. Once at home, I kept […]

Rosy-Fingered Dawn

I got a new bike last week. I have a love-hate relationship with bicycles. I’ve bought bicycles all my life. Sometimes on a whim, sometimes after careful research. Some of my bikes were stolen. Some were traded. Some were left behind. **Here begins the story of me and my bikes, if you do not care […]

Scientia Potentia Est

I’ve been toying with this idea for a while. To take a drone shot of the magnificent sunset in Redondo Beach. It is intimidating. Flying your drone is always intimidating. I like to say that every flight feels like your second flight. At the same time, I’ve been studying hard to get my Part 107 […]

Visions of the American West

I don’t know how I fell in love so deeply with the American West. A Latin expression comes to my mind: nomen omen. Romans believed one’s name could hint to the person’s destiny, and my parents did chose Wayne as my middle name. You could also say that the Romans got it upside down, and […]

Hokusai Americano

Whenever I take photographs of certain waves, I think I get possessed by the same demon as Katsushika Hokusai (1760 – 1849), the Japanese artist who authored iconic print such as The Great Wave off Kanagawa. In case you were still not sure, this post is about waves. Last Sunday, I was at La Jolla […]

Pier to Pier

Parking on the Santa Monica Pier is a bit of a Proustian moment for me. In January 2015 I parked my white rental Mustang (beauty) there: that was the first time I came to Los Angeles, to visit Anne-Claire, three months after meeting in Paris. Three years later, in January 2018, I parked my red […]

Keeping up with the Birdashians!

“I really hate hummingbirds!”, said no one ever. You really gotta love them if you live in Southern California! We moved to Redondo Beach from Paris more than two years ago, and the omnipresence of these birds is one of the natural wonders that make the eyes of any expatriate glow with awe. Hummingbirds, seals, […]


“Nightswimming deserves a quiet night.” Nightswimming is one of the songs I love to listen to when I drive at night. It’s a dreamy song by the R.E.M. (from the 1992 album Automatic for the People). The R.E.M. played a dreamy kind of alt rock. One thing that I like about the notion of dream, […]

The most versatile model

The most versatile model I have ever shot is Lauren Garcia. I think of models as I think of actors: some actors are amazing at playing one kind of role; other actors are pretty good generalists – you’ll see them in a lot of different roles, they won’t bother you nor will they blow your […]


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